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About Otago Knitwear

Otago Knitwear has been built on successfully achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

Based in Dunedin, Otago Knitwear was established in 1999. Today, it employs 17 people, including a team of highly-skilled machinists, and knitwear technician’s who have the knowledge and experience to produce some of the finest knitted garments in the world.

Design and production

Every step of the manufacturing process taking place in Dunedin: from design and knitting, through to the cutting and sewing, and finally the packing and distribution of final products.

Otago Knitwear recognises the importance of continually updating its computorised knitting machinery and has some of the industry’s most technically-advanced machines on site. This is critical for ensuring knit and garment quality and meeting customer demand for more sophisticated designs.

Natural yarns

The company uses only the best quality raw materials – specifically fine merino wool, angora, New Zealand merino possum and lambs wool – but other yarns can also be sourced on request.

Manufacturing services

Otago Knitwear provides a range of services to retailers, designers and wholesalers. 

Services include contract bulk knitting, fabric production, garment making and embroidery, as well as supplying garments from our own range.

Otago Knitwear’s product lines

• School knitwear
• Club and corporate knitwear
• Men’s knitwear
• Women’s knitwear
• Accessories

Labels produced by Otago Knitwear

• Xquisite
• Silver Stream
• Zaza
• Classwear
• Wildfusion

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Xquisite is our women’s fashion label, with a strong emphasis on design. The range is made from fine merino wool, angora or lambs wool and updated each season. Xquisite’s colours, styles and fabric textures differentiate the garments from more traditional knitwear options.

Silver Stream
The Silver Stream range of garments and accessories caters predominantly for the tourist market and provides styling for both men and women. This well-established label is known for how well its lambs wool, Shetland yarn and fine merino wool garments wear.

The Zaza label will be launched for winter 2015 and is the result of a collaboration with Paris-trained fashion designer Susie Asselstine. The label takes advantage of Otago Knitwear’s ability to transform fine merino wool, angora and lambs wool into lace-like textured fabric. The garments stand out for their texture, edgy styling and colour palettes.

As its name suggests, the Classwear label is the company’s line of school knitwear. Manufactured to withstand the demands of school life, the label is produced from mainly a wool/nylon blend but other raw materials including merino wool and wool-acrylic blends are available.  Classwear garments are known across New Zealand for their longevity and robustness.  Otago Knitwear has a full embroidery service available for any monogramming requirements.

The Wildfusion label is made from a luxurious blend of New Zealand merino possum. The classically-styled range includes both men and women’s garments, as well as accessories.

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